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Refresher Courses
Fall, 2012

We will be offering 3 OEMS approved BLS refreshers this fall. Two of the courses will be “live” in the classroom courses and 1 will be done primarily “online”. All courses will be in Lowell.

This live course will be done as we have in the past, 2 four-hour nights (Mon & Wed) and 2 eight hour days (Sat and Sun). All courses will be in Lowell (you will be given the location when you register).

The dates for this live course are:
   Nov 5 (Mon) & Nov 7 (Wed) 6PM – 10PM
   Nov 10 (Sat) & Nov 11 (Sun) 8AM - 5PM
   (Sat & Sun to be held at Lowell Police Training Center)

This live course will be done in 3 consecutive 8 hour days.

The dates for this live course are:
   Dec 28 (Fri), Dec 29 (Sat), Dec 30 (Sun)
   Each day will be from 8am - 5pm

The online course will consist of 20 hours online and 1 four-hour practical day. You will have a 4- 6 week period to complete the 20 hours online.

The online portion must be completed before Dec 3.

The dates for this course are:
   Online portion: Oct 20 – Dec 1
   Practical session: Dec 1(Saturday) 9AM – 1PM

You cannot substitute 1 day in one course for a day in another.  
You cannot attend while on duty and cannot show up late or leave early.

If you are interested in taking one of our refreshers, register onlineor email Shaun.

CPR Recertification is also available if needed.

If you have any questions please fill out our online contact form, or feel free to contact Shaun Dean by e-mail at sdean@emstraininginc.com

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